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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Office supplies ordered in Miami, awarded to a firm in Belarus and counted as small business contract…

Recently we've been working to eliminate the abuse under the "miscellaneous foreign contracts" loophole, which has allowed for over 6 billion dollars in foreign contracts to be counted towards the small business goal in FY 06.

One example of this abuse occurred in April of 2006 when a contracting office located in Miami awarded a $951,876 contract for office supplies to a firm in Belarus , counting it as small business contract. The award was entered as
"MISCELLANEOUS FOREIGN CONTRACTORS" DUNS # 123456787. Searching on FPDS-NG, the records shows this "company" having "$1000" in revenue and "10 employees" when in reality, this is not a company at all and this has created a loophole allowing contracting officers to award contracts to foreign entities in the guise of small business awards.

If you’d like to see this for your self go to or search by

Select; "contracts" – Select; "Advanced Search Contracts Database"

Select; Place of Performance / Place Country -- Belarus

Select; Contract Details / Product or Service Category --75: office supplies

Select; "Get list of transactions" and then click "$951,876"

Situations such as the above keep us here at ASBL motivated in working for small business. The ASBL continues to work on exposing the 6 billion dollar abuse of the "miscellaneous foreign contracts" category and we are working to prevent this from being counted towards the U.S. Small Business goal. However we need your help. If you've lost a legitimate small business contract to a large or international firm, please email us at info (at) and share your story with us.

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