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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lloyd Chapman Prompts SBA to Release Top 100 Recipients of Small Business Contracts

The following transcript was taken from a teleconference with the Administrator of the Small Business Administration, Steven Preston on Friday, August 17, 2007. These comments took place at roughly 51 minutes into the conference.

Lloyd Chapman: Wouldn’t it improve transparency if the Small Business Administration listed the top 100 recipients of small business contracts online?

Steven Preston: That is a great idea; I had never thought of that, we should take a look at that.

Preston: Are you concerned because the top 100 would show people that may not be small?

Chapman: Yea, I am concerned because the top 100 includes Lockheed, Boeing, and Halliburton. It is predominantly Fortune 1000 corporations.

Preston: Yea, that is interesting, I don’t know about the systems of the past, but yea we will take a look at that.

SBA Administrator Discusses Major Reforms to Government Contracting, Friday, August 17th