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Monday, April 7, 2008

Commentary: Small business leaders lacking

George Cloutier, the founder, chairman and CEO of American Management Services and co-chairman of Partner America American Management Services, released this commentary today. In the piece, Mr. Cloutier points to inadequacies within the Bush administration, which have lead to little being done to prevent problems currently facing small businesses across America. Specifically, Mr. Cloutier points to inadequate leadership within presidentially appointed small business positions.

"Steve Preston, the head of the Small Business Administration has no small business experience, while leading a federal agency that is supposed to help out and be the eyes and ears of small businesses communities all around the country. Preston has never started a small business himself or owned a small business. Yet, he is running an agency devoted to entrepreneurs," Cloutier stated.

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Kaizen Consulting Blog said...

It will certainly be interesting to see what happens to small business with the election.