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Monday, March 3, 2008

Obama or Clinton: Vote With Your Head and Your Heart

Voters in the upcoming democratic primaries will be making one of the most difficult decisions they have ever had to make. Two dream candidates, each with their own unique resume. Either one of them would clearly be one of the most qualified democratic presidential candidates in United States history.

It would be great to see America's first woman president. Who could possibly be more qualified for that position than Sen. Hillary Clinton? The breadth and depth of her experience in government is undeniable. Fewer American mothers would be mourning the loss of their sons and daughters in a pointless and blundering war if there were a woman president in the White House.

On the other hand, it would be wonderful to see America's first African American president. Sen. Obama is a man of unwavering integrity that has not been weighed down with the baggage of lobbyists and special interests. He is a man that could restore our faith and confidence in government. Who could be more qualified to be the next president of the United States than Sen. Barack Obama? In the eyes of extremists around the world, the very image of an African American president could in and of itself bring about a decrease in terrorist threats against America.

While making an incredibly difficult decision it is always wise to use common sense, logic and the facts. Democratic voters that do not want to endure four more years of war, skyrocketing oil prices, a national mortgage meltdown and an ever accelerating economic downturn must consider one supremely important factor on Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton cannot beat John McCain, but Barack Obama can.

The most recent polls from Time and CNN both show that if the election were held today, Obama would win over McCain, but Sen. Clinton would lose. Statistically, Obama is clearly the better candidate in a race against McCain. If we assume that the polls are accurate, a vote for Hillary Clinton could be a wasted vote. At the worst, it could be the same as a vote for McCain.

Democrats that favor Senator Clinton need to ask themselves this question: Do you like Hillary Clinton enough to take a chance on winding up with another republican president that has stated that the economy is not his strong suit, and a man that is ready to send thousands of young America soldiers to their deaths in Iraq for the next 100 years?

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