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Friday, November 30, 2007

ASBL questions regarding the SBA's Top 100 Small Business Government Contractors

Today the SBA released their “Top 100 Small Business Government Contractors” report.

However with this SBA release we’re shocked to see that large firms still show up on their scrubbed (their words) report.

Here is one of the most interesting quotes from the SBA's report,

“Four of the Top 100 firms were affected by miscodings. Three of them were incorrectly identified as “other than small,” even though the companies are legitimate small businesses. One company was miscoded as a small business in 2006, even though it was not small.”

Why does the SBA use the term “other than small” to mean “large business”? Why not call a spade a spade?

With just quick sampling we’ve found large businesses listed in the top 100. Let us know your thoughts. Why do these large firms receive small business contracts?

Why is Sierra Nevada Corporation considered small with over 900 employees and 344 millions dollars in sales?

Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Hoover’s profile

World Wide Technology has over one thousand employees and over 2 billion dollars in revenue however they are receiving small business contracts.

World Wide Technology Hoover’s Profile

GTSI has over 850 million dollars in sales and over 900 employees however they are receiving small business contracts.

GTSI Hoover’s Profile
According to GTSI's 1999 10K
"As a result of the acquisition of the BTG Division in February 1998,
GTSI no longer qualifies as a small business for future contract awards."

GTSI IR site

SBA Promotes Federal Contracting Transparency With Release of Top 100 Report

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Hotlanta said...

More troubling to me is where 80 percent of government contractors are located ---- in or around the Washington, DC Beltway. In other words, businesses without the ability to frequently wine and dine procurement officers stand little chance of landing deals, regardless of how SBA classifies them.

Hot Lanta