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Friday, June 15, 2007

Group argues for shielding contractors' revenue, employee counts

This article came out today and discusses access to data fields on the Central Contractor Registration. In a comment to the Small Business Administration, responding to a FOIA request to have 44 items removed from the exempt list of CCR fields; the Professional Services Council, an Arlington, Va., group representing government service contractors annual revenue opposed the removal of exempt status and promoted the addition of several other fields including a company's number of employees and a company-specific identification code.

The removal of such fields would make it harder than it already is to determine which companies in the CCR are small and furthermore, which large companies are obtaining small business contracts. We promote the publishing of a majority of the exempt fields including average revenue, number of employee statistics and NAICS codes along with additional fields that would designate status as a parent company or a subsidiary and to which companies.

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